My aunt got a pack of orchid tree seeds at Sonya's Garden during our trip last December for my Mom. My Mom gave me a couple, but it took me sometime before I got around to planting them. My marigold planting was an utter failure so I thought I'd use those pots. As with other seeds I planted the seeds about 5 centimeters deep (if you look at the pot I realize now that I'll have to transfer them soon). I thought they were not going to sprout because it took about ten days before I saw some greenery peek through the soil. Here's how they look now, three weeks after I planted them:

I just water them using a small water pail and not a hose. I just put enough water to moisten the soil, I don't want to drown it like I did my other plants (haha!). I also water them only when the soil is already dry, so I check them twice a day -- early in the morning and in the late afternoon and water only when needed.

The orchid tree at Sonya's Garden is really, really tall and pretty! I hope that my babies would grow up like them!

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  1. Hmm, I wasn't aware that orchid trees had to be planted in a pot before. My mistake. Now I know, I suppose, thanks!

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