I've been watching a lot of videos about planting veggies. I was really curious if it's possible to plant from veggies you buy from the supermarket. I thought I'd start with tomato and bell pepper. 

I took a tomato from the fridge. Sliced it up and planted three slices. I wasn't too hopeful since I wasn't sure whether tomato from fridge would still sprout. I wasn't too hopeful also because the soil we have has been around for a few years. It probably doesn't have any nutrients left in it. 

First 11 days of tomato (sprouted starting day 6)

We planted on a Sunday afternoon. By Wednesday we were a bit concerned that nothing was sprouting. A friend suggested we water it with rice wash. We fed the soil some rice wash on Thursday. On Friday morning Sweetie woke me up and told me some exciting news! Something had sprouted!

I confirmed with him that it was probably tomato since that was where I planted one of the slices. I was so excited! 

Midday the next day, May 16, several seeds sprouted again! I was so amazed that the tomato slices from the fridge still sprouted. I would've thought the seeds would not have been active anymore since they were in the fridge for over a week already. 

May 17, day 8, more sprouting happening.

On May 18, day 9 since I planted the tomato slices another seed sprouted from the other slice I planted on the other end. Notice there were also additional sprouts coming out from the first slice. 

May 19, day 10, it's getting crowded!

May 20, day 11, honestly still couldn't believe that tomato slices from the fridge sprouted! I think the rice wash helped a lot. 

It been raining on and off the last few days. I hope my sprouts stay strong and healthy! I think maybe a week or two from now I'll need to transfer them to their own pots. Wish me luck! 


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