My Dad taught me how to cook his famous mustasa dish. It's one of my favorite dishes and I'm glad I finally learned how to cook it the way my Dad does. I noticed though that it's hard to get healthy-looking mustasa in the supermarket, so when I found some seeds from Ace Hardware I immediately got a pack.

It took me sometime to actually plant the seeds, but was happy to see them sprout a week after. I read in the package that you have to plant them about 10 cm from each other -- something I learned the hard way the first time I planted cherry tomatoes! I stupidly planted all the seeds in the pack in one pot! I had my Mom rescue them, but unfortunately most of the cherry tomato stalks did not survive. I only have one left and I am not sure if they'll bear any fruit.

Anyway, the mustasa seeds packaging said that it'll take just 55 days to harvest. I planted them on All Saints Day, so that means I'll have fresh mustasa leaves for Christmas! Woohoo!

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