I think I'm better at planting trees and herbs than flowers. I have so far been successful with my fire trees! They have grown to about 6 to 8 inches in just two months! I spotted one young fire tree in our village and I am hopeful that my fire trees would also bloom a year or two from now (I honestly have no idea when they will start to bloom haha). Anyway, here they are!

I noticed that their leaves close in the evenings (they sleep!). They are under the sun most of the day and I just water them once a day (in the mornings). I'm planning to plant more and have them adopted by friends when they are a year old.

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  1. Hi! I stumbled into your blog by chance and saw this entry bout Fire Trees. I love them and have wanted to have one for years. Where'd you get the seedling? Can I adapt one? Haha. I also have a brown thumb that I'm trying to turn green :)