Plantdemic Season 3, Week 3: Moved the Sprouts

The weather has been unpredictable the past week. The sun has been going "on and off" and I noticed the plants weren't happy about it. They were growing nicely in the pocket garden under the bamboo. Woke up earlier one day and monitored the sun. They were not getting enough morning sun. This also applied to the bell pepper and leeks which was in our laundry area. 

Decided to move them to the garage where they would get six hours of morning sun. It's been a few days since hubby helped me move the plants. It looks like they are happier in their new place. We placed them on the old platform from Singapore. It gives me a better view of their growth. I also know now which ones did not sprout at all. Here's a rundown:

Cucumbers. Happiest of the bunch!

Sweet Basil. Lone sprout, but grew two more leaves when it was moved. Will plant more seeds.

Mustasa. Seems I have run out of luck with mustasa this season. Will try to plant again.

Bell peppers. Should have at least 3 leaves by now. Just moved yesterday, hopefully it will grow more leaves so I can finally re-pot them.

Coriander. Probably need to plant seeds again.

Lettuce. Hope they will improve...

Tomato star. They like the new spot since they're getting more sunshine now.

Curly parsley. Growing steadily.

Rope tomatoes. Growing steadily because they're getting more sunshine.

Big wave lettuce. Seriously need to understand better how to take care of lettuce. Also need to remove the alien haha.

Snow peas. Need to re-pot asap!

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