Higad Season is Here! How to Get Rid of Them

One thing I did not expect to happen was to see a bunch of higad slowly eating my plants. It started last week, the day after my son brought down my pots. I immediately researched and found out that spraying neem oil would help. I just mixed half a teaspoon of neem oil and half a teaspoon of castile oil and water in a 250 ml spray bottle. I read the neem oil would also help kill the eggs and this probably minimized the infestation the past few days.

The damage to my potted plants was quite huge. Four citronella plants, one basil and a flowering plant died. I'm still battling them to save the other plants and I'm fiercely protecting the tomato plant that's flowering again. A friend suggested to boil lemongrass (tanglad) and oregano together. He said it should help ward off the unwanted higads.

I have been very proactive with warding off the caterpillars. Hubby also removes them from the plants when he sees them. Other friends also suggested to kill them with fire! Yikes! I think that's useful for really bad infestations. Another thing you can do is... squish them. Just make sure not to touch them. 

So in summary, here's a few things you can do to control the higad invasion in your garden:

1. Spray neem oil on the leaves and soil. 

2. Make a tanglad and oregano potion. Spray on the plant and surrounding areas. 

3. Physically remove the critters and put them in fire or squish them. 

Just take care, make sure not to touch the higad. Wear a mask too to be safe. 

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