Season 3 Plantdemic Day 9: More Sprouts!

Took a look at the growth stages of plants. It includes: sprouting, seedling, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening (source). The most exciting phase for me is the sprouting and flowering phase. It's at that time I feel the plant telling me, "Yes, you're taking good care of me! Watch me grow!" 

I've been hovering over the plants everyday. I enjoy watching them grow. I'd post photos everyday if I had the time (I do take photos everyday). I take photos because I could scrutinize the plant better when I zoom. My baby has grown up, so I've been re-channeling my nurture instincts to my plants. 

Here's a rundown of day 9!

Caixin flower


Snow peas (removed the dry leaves after)

Curly parsley

Romaine lettuce (also the slowest growing in our hydrophonics set-up)

Loose leaf lettuce

Big wave lettuce, also the most productive in our hydrophonics sertup.
Eggplant, more new sprouts

Star tomato, might add more seeds.

Rope tomato

Mustard green, I wonder why it's been slow.

Super tiny sprouts.

Bell peppers are now a month old.

Cucumber, this one just decided to grow up fast.

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