How Can I Make Sure the Tomato Flowers Get Pollinated?

The tomato plants have started to flower the past two weeks. It rained for a full week and I noticed that the bees haven't been visiting. Worried that the flowers won't pollinate I've been watching videos to learn how to manually pollinate it.

The first few flowers. 

I learned several ways to pollinate manually -

1. Use a small paintbrush to brush the stamen.
2. Use an electric toothbrush to mimic bees.
3. Use a small earbud to brush the stamen.

I didn't have a small paintbrush and electric toothbrush so I carefully brushed the stamen with a small earbud. I'm not sure if what I did effectively pollinated it, so I'm anxiously monitoring the flowers. Most of the plants are showing signs that they will be flowering soon. I'm also just hoping for more stable weather since the past week has been raining like crazy.

I tried manual pollination, not sure if it'll become fruit.

What about you? How do you make sure your tomato plants bear fruit?

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