One Month Old Cucumber, Climbing and Tendrils

I call my cucumber plant Mr. Cucumber. He's like a boss with his big leaves and commanding presence among the tomato plants.

Mr. Cucumber today.

The other day I was so shocked to see him strangling one of the tomato plants! He had wrapped around his tendril around the stalk of the tomato plant beside him. I realized it was time to give him a stick to climb on.

I immediately untangled him from the tomato plant, put in the gardening stick and loosely tied the stem to the stick. I moved him also to the other side of the balcony so he won't strangle any of the tomato plants again.

Mr. Cucumber five days ago when I added the stick.

It's been pretty windy the past week and I didn't notice that Mr. Cucumber had grown six inches since I put the stick in (which was just last weekend). Yesterday he wrapped one of his tendrils on the stick. He must've done it during the night in anticipation of the storm.

Today he wrapped another tendril on the stick. It's so cool the way plants do this to survive and weather through the storm.

Two tendrils now wrapped around the stick.

The rain finally let up today and I'm a bit worried about how tall Mr. Cucumber would go. Sweetie thought that the stick was too long when I put it in, but now Mr. Cucumber has covered two-thirds of it. I need to do more reading about the stages this plant goes through so I can take better care of it.

Do you have any best practices about taking care of cucumber plants?

Mr. Cucumber
Sprout date: May 23, 2020
Today he is: One month old

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