The First Plant We Bought When We Moved

When we moved we were horrified when we got pestered by mosquitoes. Spraying insecticide gave short-term relief, but since I have asthma we decided it wasn't a good option. I always want to use natural methods to ward off insects. After some research we thought the best option was to get some citronella plants. 


We went to the nearest nursery, but they didn't have citronella. We went home with a neem plant. The gardener said it was good with warding off insects. We got one and it did help with repelling mosquitoes. I was surprised to find out that neem grows to become a tree. Oh! It meant I couldn't keep it outside of my kitchen window when it outgrows its pot. I still needed to buy citronella. 

Malvarosa Citronella

I needed it fast and a friend suggested to check the FB marketplace. I found a few sellers, messaged some and finally found one that could deliver the next day. I ordered 10 citronella plants. It was delivered via Lalamove the next day with a free oregano plant. Yay! 

It's been a month since I got the citronella plants. They've outgrown their temporary plastic pot so I re-potted them. No mosquito dared approach me while I was re-potting the plants, haha. I know I'll probably need to re-pot them again in a few months. I realize now I should have gotten bigger pots. I read I could also trim them and propagate new ones. I could definitely use more citronella plants around our new home. As for the neem, it's due also to be re-planted. I'm just finding a nice spot where it can grow. 

*There's two types of citronella, the malvarosa citronella and grass citronella. 

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